Standard Deviation of Machine, SDOM, is an experimental industrial noise jazz band that uses artificial neural network artificial intelligence agents as A.I. musicians along with industrial musicians, noise makers, lab noises, factory sounds and other auditory stimuli.
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Standard Deviation of Machine (SDOM) offers this website as a small glimpse into what the industrial noise band is all about. This official Standard Deviation of Machine band website will offer industrial noise MP3 downloads, SDOM news, SDOM concert and tour information, SDOM industrial noise forum, posters, CDs, science information, DVDs and an online store. The official Standard Deviation of Machine band website should be complete by August 2009. A forum has just been added, so please sign up at the SDOM Industrial Noise Forum and share your ideas, comments, science news and links here.


SDOM is an evolving band, as many are, that currently consists of four consistent members whom are frequently joined in shows by other performers including musicians, robots, neural network artificial intelligent musicians, speakers, artists, scientists, educators, philosophers and rebel rousers.


SDOM music is difficult to define by standard terms, but influences range from genres such as industrial, noise, jazz, hardcore, experimental, intelligent music, tribal and old school punk. A small list of band influences includes Crash Worship, Throbbing Gristle, Einsturzende Neubauten, Merzbow, Skinny Puppy, Download, GBH, Ministry, Pigface, Hanzel und Gretyl, Elliott Sharpe, Foetus (various incarnations), Evil Mothers, Neurosis, Tribes of Neurot, Electric Hellfire Club, Kevorkian Death Cycle, Godflesh, Dead Kennedys, Pain Station, Swans, Circle Jerks, Jane's Addiction, Immortal Revolt, Project Pitchfork, Diamande Galas, Die Form, Pygmy Children, Snog, Revolting Cocks, Synapscape, Wumpscut, Bozo Porno Circus, Negativeland and so many more that are worthy of mention. Recent attempts at labeling has seen Standard Deviation of Machine engraved with the term "hardcore industrial jazz" due to intense music matched with the use of factory, lab and typically "industrial" noises, as well as their devotion to improvisational jazz. Some in SDOM feel the label is close to accurate, but many others despise the labeling process all together since it is an attempt to minimize the exotic performances of such a diverse collection of entertainers.


SDOM performances include dancers, fire, body suspensions, scientific experiments, debate, S&M activities and much more that must be seen and heard rather than read. Each show is unique not only due to the varied contributions from performers, but mainly due to the improvisations incorporated by the musicians during each performance. The music is inspired by the crowd and the world events occurring at the time. A theme is sometimes set for a few songs upon arrival, but even those songs are allowed to take on a life of their own, directly influenced by the environment. The neural network A.I. musicians respond to prior crowd responses as well which leads to music created by and for each audience.


Band members have a deep affinity for science related information and try to enlighten the audience participants of current and recently reported major breakthroughs in many fields of research such as neuroscience, genetics, chemistry, psychology, mathematics, computer science, biochemistry, biology and philosophy. With such a wide spectrum of interests, topics range from genetic engineering to neural implantation experiments; from cryonic preservation to immortality through science, as well as various others. The extreme information and ideas presented are meant to invoke deep thought and debate for any that bother to analyze what they listen to and see. To promote discussions and different points of view, an open mic is passed around before each performance, between each song and after each act in hopes of provoking input from the audience members.


SDOM uses an extremely large range of sounds produced by traditional instruments, uniquely designed handmade instruments, deviating machines, factories, laboratories, voices, robots, neural network artificial intelligence programs, medical equipment and nearly anything that can vibrate the air and lead to auditory cortex stimulation. The traditional instruments often include guitars, timpani drums (kettle drums), congas, bongos, synthesizers, microphones, valihas, mbira, lyres, talking drums, koras, jembe drums, claves, zithers and whatever other instruments members have decided to attempt to play. Samples are often taken from experiments such as intracellular recordings made during electrophysiological experiments of brain slices, just to name one. Other samples are recorded from inside engines, factories, machines, robots, bodies and nearly any where a recording device can fit. This large scope of sounds and noises leads to a seemingly endless soundscape during each Standard Deviation of Machine performance.


The above information is only a beginning in a very difficult task to describe in writing who and what Standard Deviation of Machine actually is. More information will be presented in the final version of this website which will come in the form of MP3s, photos, member biographies, discography, lyrics, science related links, videos, live online performances and more to be determined during the creation of the site. The rest of the information is to be obtained by you during a performance of SDOM. Only then will you actually get to fully experience the force of Standard Deviation of Machine. We look forward to your return and your presence at future performances which will be announced here.


Contact SDOM for more information on bookings, CDs, science, music, ideas, this site and whatever else you may want to talk about by clicking here, or sending email to

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