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Artificial Neural Network Musicians and Artificial Intelligence Musicians

Our artificial neural network Artificial Intelligence musicians are literally what they seem to be. They are artificial neural networks based on characteristics of human brain areas such as the entorhinal cortex, auditory cortex, hippocampal formation, Broca's area, Wernicke's area and association cortex and are allowed to listen to music, audience noises and other environmental cues that have been encoded into binary code. Upon "listening" to this code, responses are formulated entirely by the artificial neural network AI musician in the form of binary code and that is translated into auditory signals that the human audience can hear. In these steps, the environment has given inspiration and knowledge to the artificial neural network AIs that will be incorporated into music for that particular show. Another interesting fact about these artificial neural network AI musicians is that the alterations they make to their own neural networks during the show are then permanently incorporated into their knowledge. They are very similar to human children, as is expected since they are based on human brain characteristics, in that they pick up knowledge very quickly and the initial environments they are learning from, during the formative years, are very important in shaping what they will become as "adults." For more information about how artificial neural networks actually work, contact Damion of SDOM.

Artificial Neural Network Musicians and Artificial Intelligence Musicians - AI Musicians

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